My Newest Video featuring my Custom Branding Iron

Maker Tony Rouleau of Hillview Wood and Metal made this branding iron for me and to say that I was pleased would be the understatement of the year. There is just something right about owning a tool that was custom made just for me and feels like it will be around when the cockroaches rule the world again. Rock solid and heavy duty.

Custom “Doctor Who” Converse High Tops

Dr. Who shoes...Converse high tops stenciled with screen printing ink:

These are a pair of commissioned  Doctor Who Converse High Tops hand stenciled with screen printing ink completed in 2014. These were for the client’s daughter’s birthday and by all reports were a smashing success.

A gunsmith’s work bench

gun bench

Here is a work bench made for a gunsmith in mahogany, brass, and rubber mat. I made this in 2012 for a local gun collector who needed the different surfaces for the assembly and disassembly of guns. The mahogany is raised above the work surface to keep small parts from getting knocked off the bench top. The bench is part of an entire gun room which included mahogany cabinetry to house over 100 rifles, pistols, and ammunition.

On Not Being Normal

“What makes us the most normal,” said Reiko, “is knowing that we’re not normal.”
Haruki Murakami
I’m not sure why, but this Murakami quote sounds good to me. It summarizes a lot of semi random thoughts I’ve had for years. The forced normalcy of our culture that tries to jam us in a small definable box so that we can be properly marketed to….
I’m okay with not being normal.

Our Podcast gets some press! Makezine

This week we released the Faking It podcast episode which featured the interview with Jimmy Diresta. We were excited when we were recommended by an article in Make Magazine written by Caleb Kraft.

Faking it is a fun new podcast for habitual workshop dwellers

I have to admit, it was pretty exciting to see the first time that we are mentioned in an article. It is encouraging to keep making the podcast and try to contribute to the Maker Movement and community.


Faking It Podcast

So proud to have had the opportunity to talk to Jimmy Diresta on the latest episode of the Faking It Podcast. Jimmy is a gentleman, maker extraordinaire, and all around very cool guy. I believe that he is quite possibly the real mayor of New York City.

You can see Jimmy’s latest video here:

Here are the links for the podcast episode:

On iTunes

On SoundCloud


So, you want to know about molding and casting?

Here’s my latest YouTube video starring my friend Draino…..

Just a bit of Inspiration


On Being Creative….

creative layer

Repairing a Processional Cross

Here’s a short video I made with some very dramatic music demonstrating some repairs to Jesus’ broken arm on a processional cross.